Finger Joint Replacements

Finger Joint Replacements Finger joint replacements are synthetic manufactured treatment options for certain stiff and non functioning finger joints. Jeoints can be stiff from trauma or from arthritic conditions which cause wear and erosion of the cartilage gliding surface. Once bone to bone contact occurs in joint motion, an inflammation is setup and this causes pain, swelling and crepitus. Prosthetic implants are suitable for selected joint deformities and patients. Pictures attached show X-rays of severe arthritis and the implant in place following surgery.

Raynaud's Disease - Patient's self diagnosis.

We love the ingenuity of patients. This lady noticed that her fingers on her left hand were unusually cold. So she bought nail polish that changes colour when the temperature in her fingers changed. The first picture shows that both hands are cold and her nail polish is purple (she had just arrived and it is winter in SA). The second picture shows the fingers on the right hand have warmed up (pink) but not the left hand (purple). I was able to explain to her that she has Raynaud’s disease.

Elbow Fracture - Turnbuckle Splint

This young man sustained an elbow fracture. He had been attending Physiotherapy for 6 weeks, but he was still unable to fully extend his elbow. He was referred to me to resolve the elbow fxed flexion deformity. I provided him with a turnbuckle splint. After 5 days we had almost fully resolved the flexion deformity. By providing a dynamic elbow extension splint, he is able to make gains on a daily basis until his next hand therapy appointment.

Radial Nerve Glide Exercises

Treat nerve compressions by doing this home exercise, and reduce the risk of needing surgery. Radial Nerve: Extend your elbow, look away from the arm, bend your wrist upwards and push the arm towards the ground. Repeat 5 x, 5 x per day. Note: You will feel a pulling sensation along the path of each nerve. This will improve as your nerve glides and circulation to the nerve improves. - Kindly note that its always best to get the right advise for your injury.

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