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Archery is the art, sport, practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. Most Archers make the mistake of holding the bow too tight. When archers first grab a bow and step to the shooting line, their inclination is to grab the bow extremely tightly. The reason being, that most people realise the gravity of the responsibility of shooting a bow and they are trying to be careful. Holding a bow with a relaxed grip feels very, dangerous, especially when shooting a bow with a draw weight that is challenging to the Archer. Holding the bow too tight can actually be dangerous because you have less control over the arrow, and you have less control over the bow string after you've released your arr

Finger Fractures - you can change your mind about the management.

A young 16 yr old basketball player sustained a middle phalanx condyle fracture. After first trying a conservative splint the condylar fragment did not position adequately and so a K wire was used to get a better position. This case illustrates how fracture management can change dependent on the outcome of conservative treatment first. You can change your management plan if necessary.

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