Joe's Journey: Post Op Results

Joe has had a successful outcome following surgery. Image I shows the web space release result. Image II shows the palmar view of the thumb flap. Image II shows the MCPJ flexion result. Treatment included the provision of a dynamic finger flexion splint to improve and maintain MCPJ flexion following the dorsal capsule and web creep release.

Joe's Journey: Operation I Superficial Iliac Artery Groin Flap and Web Creep Release

Joe underwent surgery to release the web creep and improve MCPJ flexion of the left hand. Image I demonstrates the hand prior to surgery with first web space contracture, poor MCPJ flexion of all the fingers and web creep of digits II-IV. Image II shows the MCPJ flexion following surgery. Image III shows the release of the first webspace and dorsal interosseous muscle contracture. Image IV shows the result of the first web space release using a Superficial Iliac Artery Groin Flap

Fireworks Injury - Results

A full fist was achieved within 2 weeks of applying the cast to Kwame's hand. A second cast was applied to assist with achieving full AROM of the fingers and thumb. Kwame was extremely satisfied with the outcome of his treatment. He continued to wear the cast for an additional month whilst weaning from the cast and continuing to regain a normal movement pattern through active re-direction.

Fireworks Injury - Joint Stiffness

After 4 months of traditional therapy, Kwame was still unable to achieve a full fist and there was residual oedema. We agreed that the Casting Motion to Mobilise Stiffness Technique would be most beneficial due to his geographical location and dominant intrinsic plus pattern of motion.

Fireworks Injury - Initial Injury

Kwame lives in Ghana and was protecting his son from a firecracker when it exploded in his hand on old years eve 2017. He received medical attention and was referred to hand therapy, but he was unable to regain full active range of morion of the fingers with traditional therapy. After a few months he flew to South Africa from Ghana to have Hand Therapy at Hand Consult SA. This week's #handjournal will focus on the treatment and results he achieved using the CMMS technique. The technique enabled him to receive treatment even though he lives in Ghana, which is a 6 hour flight from Johannesburg.


Syndactyly is a congenital/birth condition of the hand is which there is webbing between fingers keeping them together. Syndactyly's can affect all off the fingers together or certain adjacent fingers. Although most commonly occurring as sporadic birth defects, some syndactyly's may be associated with syndromes. Therefore a consultation with a geneticist/paediatrician may be warranted for the parents. These syndactyly's ideally are treated between 9 - 24 months of age, depending on the severity of the joining and whether the webbing is restricting growth. Release involves surgically splitting the webs and applying skin grafts and flaps to the raw areas in a manner that allows each of the

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