Swan Neck Deformity

For a swan neck deformity to occur, abnormal stress must be put on the ligament around the PIP joint of the finger. The stress causes the ligament to loosen, which then causes hyperextension of the PIP joint. As a result, the PIP joint bows in towards the palm. Non-surgical treatment includes the provision of an Oval 8 splint and re-training of the flexor and extensor mechanism of the finger in order to achieve a desired result. In some cases, corrective surgery is necessary.

Wrestling Injury

32 year old male, Nicholas, was wrestling with a friend when he fell onto his right ring finger resulting in a fracture of the distal phalanx. A thermoplastic splint that immobilizes the end joint (distal phalanx) yet allows movement of the middle joint (proximal phalanx) was applied and secured with tape and velcro. The proximal phalanx was mobilized whilst the distal phalanx was immobilized for 6 weeks. Once the splint was removed the patient was given exercises to regain full motion and of the distal phalanx. Referred by: Dr Juan Marin, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Violin Spider Bite

Few spiders are dangerous, but the Violin spider has a cytotoxic venom which causes skin necrosis and requires urgent surgical intervention. Bryan was bitten on his left index finger by a Violin spider in June 2017 whilst working in his garden. At first he noticed two small fang marks. Within 24 hours, his finger was swollen, red, painful and bleeding. After 3 days the skin became necrotic and 3 operations were needed to remove all the damaged tissue. Bryan presented to Hand Therapy once the wounds had healed and scar tissue had formed. He was unable to make a full fist because of the tight scar tissue. A variety of hand therapy techniques were used to mobilise the joints and improve the sca

Hockey Injury

Tim was playing Hockey when the ball connected with his finger and caused the little finger to fracture and dislocate. It is quite frightening to see your finger dislocated in this way and it is important to receive medical attention rather than let someone on the field who is untrained reduce the fracture. Tim needed surgery to stabilise the fracture. Plate and screws were used which allowed him to move the finger soon after surgery rather than be immobilised for 4-6 weeks while the fracture healed on it's own.Hand therapy included wearing a splint to rest the finger in a straight position in between mobilisation exercises. Hand therapy also helped to reduce the pain and swelling in the ear

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