Rugby Injury

Young boy sustained a rugby injury to the left index finger. His bone fractured and the fracture went through the growth plate. Angulation deformity of the finger can be seen on the Xrays. Under local anaesthesia, the finger was numbed and the fracture reduced in my rooms. A splint was applied for support for 2 weeks after which the finger was strapped to the adjacent middle finger for a further 4 weeks whilst encouraging movement. The post correction Xrays show that many hand fractures can be treated with non surgical management. A period of immobilisation is however needed in order to allow the fracture to heal.

A Middle finger crush injury

A middle finger crush injury for a manual labourer can be debilitating and require a significant amount of time off work. Good follow up with the treating surgeon and compliance with therapy can assist with a timely return to work. These pictures illustrate well how these injuries recover and particularly the prolonged time it takes for nail growth to normalise. Permanent nail deformity is a common complication of such injuries. The treatment of these injuries can be performed under local anaesthesia in the rooms.

How a small incident can cause a lot of damage.

This #handjournal shows how a simple movement can cause some serious damage. Laurel hit her hand sideways on a punching bag with relative force - she was trying to show her trainer that she can punch well. Within a few hours her hand became swollen and painful. She referred herself to Robyn Midgley at Hand Therapy. Her treatment included test, icing using an ice probe massager, Ultrasound, application of Flexadrin for pain relief and gentle mobilization of the hand to prevent stiffness. After 3 sessions the swelling improved. It took a few weeks before she could return to full impact sport as well as heavy lifting and carrying. Patients must always seek medical help following an injury. It m

Median Nerve Glide Exercises

Median Nerve: Perform this stretch if you have tingling in your thumb, index, middle and half your ring finger. Your elbow is straight, your head is tilted to the opposite side and your fingers point down towards the floor. Repeat 5 x, 5 x per day.

5th Metacarpal Fracture with angulation deformity

Young man with a fracture of the 5th finger metacarpal bone with angulated deformity. He was treated without surgery. His fracture was straightened as best as possible under local anaesthetic in my rooms and then a cast was placed on the hand for 6 weeks. Post removal of the splint he has some stiffness of finger movement but good alignment of the little finger in comparison to the good hand. *Not all fractures need surgery, especially in the hand.

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