Burns - Hot & Cold

Burns – Hot and Cold substances can cause burns. Blistering indicates an injury which has caused the outer layers of skin to peel off. If the blisters are closed and small they can be left alone and kept clean. An antiseptic ointment is enough to apply. However larger area burns with blistering such as these from a cold refrigerant exposure need cleaning in theatre to decrease the risk of infection.

Crush & Laceration Injury

Crush & Laceration injury to the dorsum of his left non-dominant hand Antwan sustained a crush & laceration injury to the dorsum of his left non-dominant hand and was referred to HandConsultSA by Dr Pelser, Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon. There was no skin loss but he fractured the base of the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals as well as a small avulsion fracture of the Capitate. ECU and EDC to the ring and little fingers were lacerated. The 2nd Metacarpal fracture was impacted but stable. The 3rd metacarpal fracture was stabilized with a K wire into the shaft for 4 weeks. The ECU and EDC to RF & LF were repaired with multi strand 4 / 6 strand repairs. The dorsum of wrist capsule was repaired and the capita

Brachial Plexus Injuries

Brachial Plexus injury are nerve injuries that may result in partial or total paralysis of the arm and hand. They most commonly occur in adults in high speed injuries such as motorbike accidents. Prompt diagnosis and referral to a hand surgeon is important as time is of the essence in getting some function of the arm back. Many medical staff (including doctors) are not aware of the treatment options available and will tell patients that they have a permanently paralytic arm.

Therapists Management of the Stiff Hand

Listen to Robyn Midgley's talk on the Therapist's Management of the Stiff Hand at the South African Society of Surgery of the Hand Refresher Course in February 2018.

Rugby Jersey Finger

Image 1 - See the bruising on the tip of the finger. This indicates a rupture of the tendon from the bone. Also known as a jersey injury it typically occurs with a forced grip with the finger, such as in a rugby tackle. — at Hand Consult SA.

Flexor Tendon Hand Inury

Cut injuries in the hand can injure many structures. Complete healing often takes months. Nerve and artery injuries are often missed. Microsurgical repair of these structures in needed in order to facilitate better overall outcomes. Loss of feeling in the digit is a good indication of damage to a nerve.

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