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How a small incident can cause a lot of damage.

This #handjournal shows how a simple movement can cause some serious damage.

Laurel hit her hand sideways on a punching bag with relative force - she was trying to show her trainer that she can punch well. Within a few hours her hand became swollen and painful.

She referred herself to Robyn Midgley at Hand Therapy.

Her treatment included test, icing using an ice probe massager, Ultrasound, application of Flexadrin for pain relief and gentle mobilization of the hand to prevent stiffness. After 3 sessions the swelling improved. It took a few weeks before she could return to full impact sport as well as heavy lifting and carrying.

Patients must always seek medical help following an injury. It may only take 1 or 2 sessions to assist the soft tissues to heal and can prevent the development of secondary joint deformities and problems.

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