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Violinist - Assessment Findings

Follow-up from the Violinist players assessment video.

Objective Findings:

πŸ’  Positive shoulder sign bilaterally.

πŸ’  Positive crank and grind test bilaterally.

πŸ’  Small joint OA.

πŸ’  de Quervain’s Stenosing Tenosynovitis.

πŸ’  Negative phalanxes Test bilaterally

πŸ’ Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

πŸ’ Dystonia in the little finger

πŸ’  Increased upper Trapezius tension and atrophy of left upper Trapezius muscle.

This case demonstrates a multitude of problems that have arisen from years of playing the violin. I referred her to a colleague for spinal correction and alignment.

Treatment has included the following:

πŸ’  CMCI OA orthoses

πŸ’  Elbow extension splint for use at night

πŸ’  Sensory program for Dystonia.

πŸ’  kinesiology taping of upper Traps

πŸ’ Postural re- education.

πŸ’  Full body exercise program.

πŸ’  Play- rest schedule

πŸ’  Practice schedule adjustment.

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