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Violinist - Assessment Findings

Follow-up from the Violinist players assessment video.

Objective Findings:

💠 Positive shoulder sign bilaterally.

💠 Positive crank and grind test bilaterally.

💠 Small joint OA.

💠 de Quervain’s Stenosing Tenosynovitis.

💠 Negative phalanxes Test bilaterally

💠Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

💠Dystonia in the little finger

💠 Increased upper Trapezius tension and atrophy of left upper Trapezius muscle.

This case demonstrates a multitude of problems that have arisen from years of playing the violin. I referred her to a colleague for spinal correction and alignment.

Treatment has included the following:

💠 CMCI OA orthoses

💠 Elbow extension splint for use at night

💠 Sensory program for Dystonia.

💠 kinesiology taping of upper Traps

💠Postural re- education.

💠 Full body exercise program.

💠 Play- rest schedule

💠 Practice schedule adjustment.

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