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An experienced equestrian is run over by a horse

Shari's family had purchased a new horse and Shari was walking the horse when it got a fright and galloped forwards running over her in the process. They were on their private farm in a rural part of South Africa just before Christmas 2018. Shari had to return to Johannesburg to receive treatment by Dr Grant Biddulph. Shari dislocated and fractured her right ring finger and debrided the skin of her left arm. She was lucky that she didn't sustain more injuries as a result of the accident. Dr Biddulph debrided the wound on her left arm, reduced her ring finger and fixated the fracture of the proximal phalanx with 4 small screws. She was referred to Hand Therapy thereafter for rehabilitation. These images demonstrate the injury at the time of the accident and the x-ray pre and post surgery.

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