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Mole Snake Bite

A 55 year old man was bitten by a Mole Snake in Zambia on his thumb.

These are the things that were done right by the family and medical team after the bite:

1. The snake was kept for identification purposes so that the correct treatment was possible. If the snake cannot be captured a picture of the snake can be taken.

2. The patient was not given anti-venom. The reason being is because Mole snakes are not toxic snakes that require antivenom. There are only a few highly venomous and toxic snakes are on the list of species that require antivenom.

3. The thumb was kept clean.

4. The surgeon elected not to surgically debride the thumb on presentation as the wound was clean. The reason being that if there is no acute threat to life or limb, then the bite can be monitored and surgical intervention avoided.

We will follow up in due course with the result of the intervention.

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