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Surgery & Therapy Summit

The Surgery & Therapy Summit will host the first Annual Virtual Summit from the 9th – 12th September 2022. The Summit will address the latest concepts in HAND, WRIST, ELBOW & SHOULDER Surgery and Rehabilitation as well as present keynote speakers for Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

What is different about this Summit?

The world of events has evolved and the future of learning is through the delivery of compelling virtual events that eliminate geographical, travel land cost limitations. Events that deliver more than an online meeting or in person function.

The content will be delivered in innovative and captivating ways which will keep you engaged, focused and entertained. All the lectures will become a recording to reference with the opportunity to re-engage post event.

The Surgery & Therapy Summit is not just about content delivery, it is about an experience that you will remember as well as have long standing purpose. The Summit will be hosted on a dynamic virtual platform that is focused on idea sharing, collaboration and participant engagement. 



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