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Syndactyly is a congenital/birth condition of the hand is which there is webbing between fingers keeping them together. Syndactyly's can affect all off the fingers together or certain adjacent fingers. Although most commonly occurring as sporadic birth defects, some syndactyly's may be associated with syndromes. Therefore a consultation with a geneticist/paediatrician may be warranted for the parents.

These syndactyly's ideally are treated between 9 - 24 months of age, depending on the severity of the joining and whether the webbing is restricting growth. Release involves surgically splitting the webs and applying skin grafts and flaps to the raw areas in a manner that allows each of the joined fingers to function as single units.

More complex cases fo syndactyly may involve tendons and joints and movement of the fingers may not be achieved.

The pictures depict a right hand 3rd,4th and 5th finger syndactyly.

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